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Patagonia Backroads – Catch Magazine

May 3, 2011

As we mentioned in our last post, friend / photographer / fly tackle sales rep Jon Covich took a trip to Arroyo Claro Lodge in Argentina in January.  However, Jon wasn’t there solely for the great fishing on the Chubut, Carrilefu, and Rivadavia Rivers.  He was also in Patagonia to take photos – and boy did he capture some exceptional images while staying at Arroyo Claro.  Jon’s photo’s were so good that he was invited to do a photo essay on his trip in Catch Magazine, an online magazine focused on showing the beauty of fly fishing through the finest in fly fishing photography and cinematography.  Catch is a truly unique online publication and we love it here at Angler Adventures.  Click here to access Catch Magazine’s 17th issue, click on contents (lower left) and then ‘Photo Essay – Patagonia Backroads’ under the ‘Unique Essays’ heading to experience the entire essay.  Until then, here’s a small sample:

Fly Fishing the Chubut River, Argentina

The Chubut River

“…Rio Chubut, our longest float trip, will be our first excursion and it will take four days to cover sixty miles.  The river holds the strongest rainbow trout in the country and we catch them all on dries.  The summer weather is very dry, the high desert kind, and at times with a wind that sweeps the barren hills and is, thankfully, partially blocked by the willows that border the river…”


Arroyo Claro Lodge – Photo Essay

May 2, 2011

Our friend, Jon Covich posted a great photo essay and recap of his January 2011 trip to one of our favorite Patagonia fishing lodges, Arroyo Claro Lodge, on the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog.  Jorge Graziosi, pioneered fly fishing for trout in the Chubut Province of Argentina, and built a handsome lodge overlooking the beautiful Carrilefu RiverThe Rivadavia, El Canal Spring Creek, and Lago Verde are all within 30-minutes drive.  Jorge offers a 4-day float / camping trip on the remote Chubut River.  Why 4 days?  That’s how long it takes to get to the next road.  Still, the trip is comfortable enough to please even the most discerning anglers and the fishing is off the charts.

Beautiful Rainbow from the Carrilefu River, Argentina

Nice Fish - Photo by Jon Covich


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